Compensation – Reimagining Customer Loyalty
corp.VISION takes the pain out of travel delays and gives your customers digital compensation on demand

Every travel brand needs to find a way to keep inconvenienced travellers compensated, retain high customer satisfaction and meet EU EC261/2004 compliance regulations in the event of a delay

We have transformed the travel compensation market with a digital prepaid card programme that eliminates paper vouchers. Picture a system deployed by leading worldwide brands. An infrastructure where travel compensation cards are easy to issue, manage, control, settle and reconcile and can be restricted to designated outlets. Where operational efficiencies are maximised and businesses are protected from fraud.

Imagine a digital prepaid card that’s simple to issue when a flight or train is delayed. This goes a long way to ease the pressure for the traveller and minimise the negative impact on the brand.

corp.VISION takes your customers’ experience to the next level through the delivery of fast, secure and simple compensation on a prepaid card and has saved our airline partners £2million to date.

Cloud-based platform which integrates directly into airline booking systems.

Fully EU EC261/2004 compliant.

Replaces paper vouchers issued as compensation for flight delays.

Available to use at any selected retailer or ATM that supports VISA/Mastercard.

Sustainably Improve Your Customer Loyalty

Digital compensation unlocks your business potential to deliver an outstanding customer experience that is swift, easily-integrated and fully flexible. Our easily scalable cloud-based platform integrates into airline booking systems to give you an infrastructure where travel compensation cards are easy to issue, manage, control, settle and reconcile and can be redeemed at selected outlets via a restricted open loop.

Our corp.VISION platform helps with business:

  • Retain high customer satisfaction and loyalty in the event of a delay
  • Reduce costs associated with managing travel compensation
  • Maximise operational efficiency
  • Reduce/remove hand-out time
  • Full digital control over compensation
  • Total transparency and flexibility

Our corp.VISION platform helps with customers and retail partners:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Eliminate queueing time
  • Enjoy multiple purchases with automatic top-up
  • Remove need for in-airport reconciliation
  • Remove need for handling multiple pieces of paper
  • Limit accounting errors and time waiting for funds

Speak to one of our experts about our digital banking and payment solutions

Travel Welfare

Travel Welfare was formed in 2011, with the aim of changing the way travel welfare and compensation payments are paid and administered.

The company’s vision is to provide immediate welfare and compensation on demand, using digital payments delivered by card or virtually (mobile/electronic).

Travel Welfare streamlines the physical process of issuing welfare to airline customers, while improving on the security, financial control and reconciliation of issued welfare.

Our partnership with Travel Welfare has seen 1.5million VISA payment cards issued over the last two years from a standing start, working with airlines including easyJet, Thompson and Thomas Cook, whilst growing distribution to over 100 airports across Europe.

Travel Welfare will be exhibiting at this years Aviation Festival, as well as hosting a round table event, and would be thrilled to welcome you there.

Aviation Festival

Don’t compromise on customer satisfaction - Delays are an inevitable hindrance for travel brands. corp.VISION enables you to convert the pain of a delay into an opportunity to maximise your customer experience, loyalty and retention potential

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